Salman Al Bulgari: My Thoughts On Union Of Jabhat al-Nusra And Al-Qaeda

28 May 2013

By Markaz Kavkaz

My thoughts on the announcement of the merger of Jabhat al-Nusra with al-Qaeda.

I ask the brothers not to jump to conclusions concerning my aqeedah (creed) and manhaj (the methodology by which truth is reached). I am simply a servant of Allah, a Muslim, and I have right to have my own view of the events.

I have decided to give my opinion on some matters, and while I'm still breathing, I will take this opportunity.

This jamaat (assembly), referred to as al-Qaeda, loves all Mujahideen, without exception. But, it needs to be noted that not all Muslims support the methods of al-Qaeda. I have to say that the majority of ordinary Muslims simply link al-Qaeda with blood and terror because of the constant propaganda spewed by the media and some of their own political mistakes that al-Qaeda made based on their earlier actions.

It is evident that the name al-Qaeda, as well as the term Salafi, does not unite all Muslims, even though I love both names.

For one, the name al-Qaeda is alone is enough to get the already tense Turkish border closed. Also, in Turkey the name al-Qaeda is a real cause of alarm, as it is in most countries around the world.

This name is reason enough for drones to be launched to attack our brothers in Syria, whose life is not easy even without these attacks.

I was in Afghanistan, where, in just a month, the drones defeated almost all personnel of al-Qaeda but Taliban operated and operate without dramatic statements.

So far, I have seen no use in any public statements by the Mujahideen, to be quite honest. Then, is fanatical devotion to any groups welcome in Islam?

Many hotheads criticize devotion even to the Hanafi mazhab, and here is a blind devotion to a name, when there is no real tamkin (making things possible) on the land.

In Somalia, after al-Shabaab swore their oath to al-Qaeda, their situation did not ease up, but rather was complicated, and this is the same everywhere. Furthermore, in Iraq, when some group began to kill tribal leaders and carried out a couple a martyrdom attacks in public places, the Americans jumped on this and used it for their benefit. Then soon after this, Blackwater mercenaries arranged dozens of bombings and shifted all of the blame on al-Qaeda.

The people sharply quickly turned away from the Mujahideen because the basis of guerrilla war is support from the people. The majority does not support them, and those who support are not strong against numerous new fronts after loud declarations.

What I'm saying is the same as what many old Mujahideen are saying.

This same statement offers a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria,, which the Syrian people does not want. Also, this statement gives Bashar al-Assad a moral right before the "international community" to use all that which he uses with modest condemnation by the "international community". Syrian media says already that "terrorists behead people for smoking," and many people believe in that, by the way.

While there is much harm, there is one benefit - to openly declare brotherhood and unity. While, there is much unity among the infidels, but, in many cases they do not make public announcement about this, the act quietly. This is one of their programs. Shouldn't we too keep quiet at times?!

Many brothers simply do not understand that we are something like Martians for the common people. We intend to withstand against the whole world, but the people want that they are not bombed and to have electric light. When the people are oppressed from all sides, they will say to you "sorry, brother, we are not able to do it". This is the inevitable response is everywhere: in the Caucasus, in Iraq or in other places.

The Taliban's key to success is to having the people's love and support, which is gained though madrassas, through many years of dawah (Islamic call), and through centuries of Pushtoon Islamic mentality.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan there are around 40,000 madrassas, which have supported the Taliban's position for years.

The Taliban has never had a problem with human resources, it is inexhaustible, as long as there are madrassas. This so concerned Condoleezza Rice and, later, Hillary Clinton that they petitioned the Pakistani government to shut down the madrassas of the Haqqani network and Quetta Shura.

Condoleezza trekked across the Middle East requesting the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and elsewhere to change the schools' curriculum. And in many of the countries, this request was granted. This is what has happened in Saudi Arabia.

But, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the madrassas are made up of real people and the sheikhs are loved by the people.

In Arabic countries, the people love going to "McDonalds" and "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and reading English languages books such as "Harry Potter" and "Twilight."

Ordinary people did not read Maqdisi and didn't watch videos as-Sahab. And to present this to the people we do not have resources.

In general, I think that the Mujahideen should have real power over the land and control the situation before they make any statements to the media. How could anybody make any statement when he doesn't control even a single square meter of the territory? This doesn't refer to Jabhat al-Nusra which has a real huge popular support in Syria and really controls many areas of the country. I speak about those who have recently bought an assault rifle and hurriedly made a statement, thinking that he understood everything in the world and can establish the Sharia, but in fact commits one gross blunder after another.

For it may be that many will not agree with me, but these are just some of the conclusions I have made over the years that I have spent wandering on this path.

Salman al Bulgari (Syria)



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