U.S. Attack On Syria To Begin On Saturday: Assad Can't Hide Behind Russia

31 August 2013

By Markaz Kavkaz

A reporter with "Israel's" most widely read newspaper has been told by defense establishment officials that a US-led attack on Syria will allegedly begin on Saturday, when the UN inspectors leave Syria, and end when Obama meets Putin on Wednesday, reports InfoWar.

British and American military might is now fully in place and prepared for strikes which experts say will take the form of Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles fired from warships or submarines.

Mizroch also highlights remarks made by former Mossad director Danny Yatom, who says that the apparent delay on green lighting military strikes is only so Bashar Al-Assad can't use the UN inspectors as human shields.

Mizroch was also told that "Israel" sent Assad a message via Russia threatening that if Syria attempts to attack Israel, Damascus will be targeted and Assad's regime will be toppled. Recall that the US has officially stated that they don't want to overthrow Assad but only intend to "send a clear message to him".

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv's threat was made despite attempts by Gulf nations to secure a promise from "Israel" that it would act with restraint if Syria attempts retaliatory strikes against "Israel" in response to a western onslaught.

"Israel" replied that it would act with restraint, but only if aggression against it "did not exceed reasonable bounds".

AMERICA: Assad Can't Hide Behind Russia

America's foreign ministry spokesman Harf said that Russia's resistance over a UN security council resolution on Syria was not acceptable.

"We do not believe the Syrian regime should be able to hide behind Russia's continued blocking of action on Syria at the UN", Harf told reporters at a press conference in Washington.

"We will make our decision for an appropriate action going forward", she threatened, pointing out that democratic "international community" does not see any movement forward because of Russian opposition to any meaningful UN security council's action on Syria.

Meanwhile, America and its western allies are preparing for a possible military strike against Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons by Assad against civilians.

In turn, English sources report that London presented to five permanent members of the UN sec council a draft resolution authorizing "all necessary measures to protect civilians" in Syria. In other words, it wants to get approval for a strike on Syria.

The text of the draft resolution allows the use of military force against Syria as, according to England's text, it is "unacceptable" to use chemical weapons in Syria.

London explained that its prime minister has not yet decided what kind of actions England might take, but added that they would be "legitimate and specific."

England's foreign minister Hague told reporters that democratic international community should take action against the Syrian regime, even if the UN consensus is not reached.

Meanwhile, world democracy papers continued to report on the concentration of American and allies' naval ships off the coast of Syria. Some American papers even said that strikes on targets in Syria would be carried out on the night from Thursday to Friday.



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