Responding To Those Who Pride In Iran, Ustadz M. Thalib: "When Was Iran At War With America?"

27 August 2013

By Ustadz M. Thalib

JAKARTA, Indonesia The Amir of the Majelis Mujahideen of Indonesia (MMI), Al-Ustadz Muhammad Thalib Al-Yamani, told in a lecture after Subuh prayer at Masjid Al-Munawaraah, Pamulang, Sunday morning (9/6/2013), that someone mentioned about the greatness of Iran which is bold in opposing against America with its harsh statements hurled at America, Britain, France, Israel and their allies.

That person told Ustadz Thalib, "Thalib, isn't it that, today the one that is bold against the West, against America, is Iran?" asked that person. Ustadz Thalib responded the question from the questioner with questions: "When was Iran at war with America? When? When was Iran at war with Britain, at war with France? When? Is there any historical proof that Iran has been at war with America in the same way Iraq was at war with America? Is there any proof that Iran has been at war with Israel since it occupied the soil of Palestine since 1947? When?" Ustadz Thalib bombarded with mind-boggling questions.

The man was speechless unable to answer. The true words can break the false words. The qaulun shadid, breaking the qaulun bathil. "The qaulun bathil can be broken with logics and historical facts before using the hujjah of Allah Ta'ala and His Rasul," said this Ustadz who is a native of Bangil, East Java.

Next, Ustadz Thalib dismissed the role of Ahmadinejad in the arena of international politics, who only talks but devoid of action against the Zionist Israel and America and their allies. "If merely having a loud voice in opposing America, like Ahmadinejad, there are thousands like him here in Indonesia," Ustadz Thalib asserted.

Zionists and Shi'ahs United in Striking Against Islam

In harmony with Ustadz Muhammad Thalib, the young Muslim intellectual of Indonesia, Muhammad Pizaro Novelan Tauhidi in his "Zionists and Shi'ahs United In Striking Against Islam (transl.)" said, "Iran is directly bordering with Afghanistan and Pakistan which are embattled every day by America. Thousands of Muslim children died as a result of the attack by American drones, yet where are the rockets, fighter jets and militias of the Shi'ah Iran to help the Muslims there in fighting America?" Again, Muslims are questioning Iran's action/inaction.

Historical facts tell that there is no one Shi'ah regime of Iran that is siding with Islam and the Muslims. And it is also historical fact speaking that the Sunni Muslims are fought against and killed in the vilest way imaginable by the Shi'ah regime of Iran.



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